A moment captured forever. Hi! I’m Lindsay, a South Florida photographer and I am here for all of your photography needs. My mission is to provide a creative atmosphere by offering customized photography sessions based on your vision in a comfortable setting, capturing your personality and natural expressions. When we’ve completed the shoot, you and your family will have more than just a series of digital bits on a computer. Rather, you will have captured moments of your life, surrounded by those you love… a child giggling, a hug from your spouse, or a lick on the nose from your puppy.

The photos will be a constant reminder of how much you mean to each other, how much love is all around you and how happy you all are together. And, during the shoot, I will encourage you to almost forget I’m there… although don’t be surprised if I offer some subtle suggestions to enhance the outcome and ensure that these special memories will be absolutely perfect! But, you will also have the opportunity to help me select just the right venue or create just the right outfits and with just the right lighting so that my pictures are more of a reflection of what you think would be perfect, rather than what I think. They are, after all, your pictures… I’m just there to help capture the moments! 

Miami Family Photographer
& Maternity Photographer

Sometimes all we need is a little magic

Family Photographer, a mother holds her young child in a quiet tropical lagoon
Family Photographer, a mother holds her young child in a quiet tropical lagoon

“Lindsay took engagement photos for my fiancé and me recently, and we absolutely love them! She was very professional, and made us feel super comfortable. The final edits were so beautiful.”
- Courtney Felter


I am pleased to offer offer two packages….basic and full. In addition to the two standard packages, I would be delighted to speak with you about custom packages that include other options and special requests such as themed photoshoots, travel, or any other aspect of your photography needs. If it’s something I’ve never done before, we’ll figure it out together! The sky’s the limit! If you’re interested in product photography, please send a message to me and we can discuss it further.

AVAILABLE FOR: Family, Couples, Maternity, Senior Portraits, Newborn, Product, Headshots, etc.  

Family Photographer, A couple, man and woman, hold each other behind a Volkswagen bus
Maternity Photographer, a man, wife and daughter, hold each other in tall grass in a tropical area. The woman is pregnant
Family Photographer, a mother holds her young daughter during a beach sunset

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
- Aaron Siskind

Family Photographer, a man and woman embrace near the tides at the beach
Maternity Photographer, a man and his expectant wife stand on a tropical beach at sunset
Family Photographer, a man and woman sit on a small row boat in the tropical jungle, it is filled with flowers, they are just married

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“We did family photos with our baby and the photos came out amazing!!! Thanks to our talented photographer, Lindsay! It was just an amazing session, I highly recommend her. We have already reserved the following photos in advance!!!”
- -Yasmin Yesawich

Family Photography and Maternity Photography in and around the Miami Area

Family Photographer, 3 girls hug their mother, they all wear dresses and lean on beach rocks
Family Photographer, a mother holds her baby inside their home